Acceptable usage Policy

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Intended Purpose is a personal email service, intended to be used by humans for non-automated personal or business correspondence. We do not allow bulk mailing, newsletters, automation of any kind, chain emails.

There are better, and more conveniently priced tools for above-mentioned purposes.

Any involvement in spamming or fraud such as phishing, misrepresentation, spoofing and similar will be sanctioned and reported to ICANN and its affiliates, possibly resulting in domain withdrawals.

For more details on acceptable use policy, please consult our terms of service .

Report Abuse

We are fast to sanction any misuse of our services. We thank you in advance for reporting any abuse or suspicion of such to [email protected]

Anti-Spam Commitment

We do not approve of spam and are dedicating significant attention and resources into anti-spam measures. Any involvement in spamming activities, as well association with spamming entities will result in permanent ban from using our services.

Furthermore, we will engage in further inspection as a service to community, and will report the offending parties, IP addresses, names and organizations to the authorities and public blacklists.

We will take the time to track and report violators.

Anti-Phishing Commitment

Phishing is a challenging issue with no clear answer. We contribute to the manual phishing detection of domains on our platform. Every domain that is discovered to have engaged in phishing activities is permanently banned from our platform and reported to numerous global blacklists. Account owners, IP addresses, and other information that may be extracted will be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

We’ll take the time to find and let you know about violators.

Anti-Fraud Commitment

Besides the legal fraud definition, we extend the definition of fraud:

  • We take a harsh stand on misrepresentation, spoofing and fraud. While not strictly illegal, we will sanction any attempt to fool email recipients about senders’ identities or activities.

  • We check most of the domains for their activities, including their websites. Fake websites, clones as well activities intended to fool visitors are blocked and reported to ICANN and its associates.

  • Using of our services for activities that violate third party terms of services, breaks ours terms too. Examples are multiple accounts with service providers, obtaining otherwise unavailable services etc.

Anti-Violence Commitment

Service will be refused to anyone who engages in hate speech, racism, violent threats, Nazism, or any other immoral, unethical, or socially inappropriate behaviour. If it’s unlawful, we’ll let the authorities know about it.

We strive to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

We work towards a safer Internet for all of us.